3D Scanning & Printing

Equipped with the most modern 3D scanning system we can detect and digitize objects of any shape, size or dimension.

FaroArm Capabilities

Utilising the highly acclaimed Platinum FaroArm, the world’s most accurate and advanced portable measurement arm, together with Faro’s own CAM2 Measure software; our highly trained personnel can visit your premises with the FaroArm measurement system and quickly gather large amounts of 3D surface co-ordinates data with a precision in the order of +/- 0.006 mm.

As a powerful inspection and measurement tool, CAM2 Measure can identify and verify feature locations such as holes, spheres and arcs for first article inspection or alignment. Because CAM2 Measure draws features as they are measured, process control becomes instantaneous, saving time and money. The software can be used with many measurement devices including portable or fixed-base coordinate measurement machines (CMMs), laser trackers and photogrammetry systems

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